Meadow Fishery consists of three purpose built lakes, Meadow Lake, Willow Lake and Mallard Lake situated in 17 acres of low lying meadow. They are spring fed which artificially raises the existing high water table. The lakes are stocked with rainbow, blue and brown trout to a density of 150 to the acre and are restocked regularly on a 'put and take' basis, ensuring consistent stocking levels. Meadow Lake also has a natural population of Rudd which can provide entertaining dry fly sport, especially in July and August when the trout often sulk!

Although initially man-made, care has been taken to make the lakes look both natural and attractive, the surrounding area having been planted with two thousand trees and shrubs. Over thirty five years after its completion it's hard to tell that Meadow Lake hasn't always been there! All three lakes have islands which help attract a diverse range of wildlife

Among the facilities provided are toilet and washroom, changing room and ample parking. Hot and cold drinks, crisps and chocolate can be purchased in the shop. Alternatively, refreshment of a more substantial nature can be obtained at the nearby Shrewsbury Arms or The Chester Fields.

On site at the fishery is a small game fishing shop providing flies, leaders, line, fly and line treatments and a small range of accessories. We also stock a huge range of rod building products which can be purchased from this website!

Tackle hire is also available.

Not all visitors are welcome!